We can assist in designing information systems and online services, from the initial sketches to the selection of components. After more than 20 years of experience we like to believe that our technical intuition is grounded in a little more than hearsay and guesses.

We are familiar with Linux and other Unices, relational, OLAP and key-value databases, message queues, containers, virtualisation as well as actual physical hardware.


We have experience developing for tiny micro-controllers and large scale server farms and many things in between, using languages from C and assembly to modern type-safe languages such as OCaml, as well as constraint solvers and logic programming.


We are used to carry a pager at all time and can provide 7/7 24/24 support.

Past Experiences


Design, implementation and support for too many information systems to be listed here.


Too many websites of various sizes to be listed here.

Worked on one of the largest website in the world (millions of hits per day). In particular, implemented an internal search engine (Java + Perl, custom JS framework).

System Programming

Implementation of a full Deep Packet Inspection as a Netfilter hook in the Linux Kernel (in production in several telecommunications operators).

Design and implementation of a cheap and fast Short Message Service Center (in production in a large telecommunications operator).

Design and implementation of a fast, innovative Deep Packet Inspection system.

Implementation in C++ and Datalog of a security plugin to a proprietary HTTP proxy in one of the largest IT company in existence.


SRE for one of the largest IT company in existence (proprietary techs).

Addition of instrumentation, monitoring and alerting to the provisioning and payment API for a very large website.

Design, implementation and support of a custom, fast and lightweight monitoring system (in production in various places).