Who are we?

All the tools and expertise you need to develop, test and monitor your IT infrastructure.

After years within the biggest names of the Web industry and the mobile industry, one accumulates not only experience in project development and planning, but also tools and techniques. Now those tools have been generalized and made available as individual products, and can be further tailored to your specific needs.

We like to describe ourselves as "Data Specialists". You can hire our services to help with planning or implementing your projects.

What do we do?

In the Services section you will find some more details about past experiences and realisations.

In the Products section you will find the description of several products to help you build and maintain your IT infrastructure: load testing tools, simulators, data processing pipelines, monitoring and alerting solutions...

Do not hesitate to contact us if you believe your needs fall within short distance from this set of tools as they can easily be improved in a specific direction or customised to fit your very own situation.

How do we work?

We value honesty and aspire to behave as collaborators with shared objectives rather than short sighted contractors

We also value efficiency over fashions. As much as possible we use technologies that are efficient, reliable and quick, regardless of trends; But we can adapt to any technical stack already in place as long as it is compatible with the project.